Scars and Wounds

Growing up can be hard. It can leave a person with a lot of scars. Physical, Sexual, Emotional. As I venture into the deeper parts of me, the scars are becoming more apparent. Although, I don’t know if I would call them scars. They’re more like wounds. A scar is something we’re left with, after a wound has healed. It tells a story. It reminds us of something we made it through. Something painful, something traumatic. Wounds are not like that. They are fresh, raw, open. They leave us exposed. They require a tender, gentle, understanding touch. Yeah, I have wounds….

Now, they say that time heals all wounds. That has not been my experience. Some of my wounds are 35 years old. I have been able to push them down really deep. Cover them with a ton of bandages. But underneath, they are there still wounds. Fresh, raw, open.

Some of the wounds I have from childhood are related to my femininity and sexuality. The two are so interconnected, it is hard to separate them. For my entire adult life, I have struggled with these issues and the process is slow going. As I unravel the bandages and expose what is underneath, Jesus has tenderly put salve on my wounds and healing has begun. Someday, these wounds will become scars. Beautiful Scars…


About kathyharter

lives on the seacoast of New Hampshire
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